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Dave is constantly working to develop information about personal safety and self defense that’s based on his 30+ years of experience on the streets.

His goal is to provide real-world advice that helps people feel safe, be safe and defend themselves if attacked.

One form of this information is his Free Tips programs, which he offers in conjunction with Vistelar Group, a national training organization of which US Fighting Systems is a member.

To sign up for Dave’s free Street Defense Tips, just enter your name and email in the form on the right and press Submit — and you’ll get an email with a link to our Street-Defense Tips web page.

If you have any exposure to life’s dangers, you should access these tips — so you’ll know how to stay safe and what to do if attacked. For more information about these tips, go to Street Defense Tips.

Beyond these Street Defense Tips, here are the other Free Tips we offer.


Pepper Spray Tips

Despite the widespread availability of pepper spray, few people know how to use it correctly. Dave Young, the world’s preeminent authority on the use of pepper spray, shows you how.

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Personal Defense Tips

This is a multi-media newsletter that teaches how to stay safe in almost any situation and to defend yourself if attacked. Dave Young is the editor of this newsletter, with contributions by other Vistelar Group partners.

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Home Defense Tips

Your home may be your castle — but there is no moat, no drawbridge and no boiling oil. Learn how to protect your home and your family with this valuable information.

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Safe Kid Tips

We’ve all heard the traditional advice for keeping our kids safe — but is it all correct? This information tells you what advice you should heed and which you should ignore, via a series of video clips and other information.

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Manage Bullying Tips

Bullying and youth violence are two of the most serious issues facing society. This information, offered via our partnership with Vistelar Group, will teach you the methods that have worked in law enforcement for over 27 years.

To learn how to help your child with bullying, go to: http://managebullyingtips.com


Verbal Defense Tips

Bullying isn’t just a youth problem. Verbal abuse, bullying and harassment impact people from all walks of life. This information, offered via our partnership with Vistelar Group, is focused on providing real-world solutions for adults.

To learn how to defend yourself from verbal attacks, go to: http://verbaldefensetips.com


Martial Arts School Instructor Development

Instructor Development is about more than just educating your staff.  It is about managing your instructors and their progress within your school.

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