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ATTENTION ALL KAMA MEMBERS – and if you aren’t a KAMA member you need to be!

Hello Everyone- I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you are getting ready to enjoy New Years with family and friends. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone about the upcoming KAMA summit which is being held on March 6th and 7th at the Rio hotel in Las Vegas.

For those of you who are not familiar with KAMA, it stands for Korean & American Martial Arts Association. This is a grass roots organization that is committed to helping all of their members grow and improve their schools using the best marketing and management practices without sacrificing their traditional martial arts principles.

Here is a video from Dave Young (founder of the US Fighting Systems), one of the presenters at this year’s event howellsac.com. He will be teaching self defense in close quarters (like elevators, buses, and planes). He is also going to do a VERY important training seminar on self defense curriculum for children emeraldcarpetcleaning.ie. Including how to defend against one of the top things that kill children in the U.S.


To learn more about this great event, please check out the information on their website: http://www.kamablackbelt.com I hope to see you all in Vegas!


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End of Year Safety Tip. One More Day!

Here is today’s Holiday Safety Tip from the US Fighting Systems Program:

Dec 30- 1 day closer to finishing 2014, and welcoming the new year. The holidays are coming to an end, and families are returning home. People are starting to get back into their normal routines.

Remember that more alcohol is consumed during this time of year than usual. Remember- don’t drink and drive, and watch the hands of strangers that approach you.

Click on this link to watch a valuable video: http://www.cxl1.net/m/p/8h7FwjtN635

The year is almost over – End of year safety Tip!

Here is today’s holiday safety tip from the US Fighting Systems Program:

Dec 29- Only 2 more days before we bring in the new year! Football is still being played, and the neighborhood is still busier than normal. This makes it easy for thieves to walk and the neighborhood without being noticed. Read more about us.

Watch out for things that are out of the ordinary, like: slow driving cars with people taking pictures, or individuals going door to door.

Click on this link to watch a helpful video: http://www.cxl1.net/m/p/4xgwYnmShfZ

Your holiday safety countdown

Here is today’s family safety tip from the US Fighting Systems Program:

Dec 28- 3 more days until the new year! You may still have family visiting, or friends coming in from out of town. However, you want to be aware of people exiting windows or walking around houses and looking in cars, visit us.

This could be a definite clue that they are up to no good. Make sure to use your head and stay vigilant!

Click on this link to watch this video – http://www.cxl1.net/m/p/fjfYwLhyPfP

Family Safety Tip!!!

Here is another family safety tip from the US Fighting Systems Program:

Dec 26- While Christmas may be over, the celebration is not. You still need to be aware of your surroundings.

New Years is still a very busy time for thieves. Make sure that you are still doing your property walk, shredding your documents, and protecting your house. And make sure that if your children are riding their new bikes in the neighborhood that they put them away in a safe place when they are done using them.

Click on this link to watch this useful video: http://www.cxl1.net/m/p/4xkxgSBnGXW

A Merry Christmas Safety Tip

Dec 25- Even on this blessed day, you should be thinking about your family’s safety.

When opening gifts, DO NOT throw the boxes outside without cutting them down, and turning them inside out. You do not want to show the entire neighborhood the new expensive items you have. Make it a mystery!

I hope you find this Christmas safety tip helpful.

Again… Merry Christmas!

Achieving greatness starts with effort!

Conducting special instructor certifications requires three things.

First you have to have great referenced, researched and factual material. Material that is current, field proven and adaptable to situations and environment.

Secondly you have to explain, demonstrate, and role-play with the student so they actually get experience to live through the encounter and understand how the attack occurs.

And last but definitely not least, dedicated, focused and talented instructors that you’re training. Every time I come to JK Lee Black Belt Academy in Brookfield, Germantown, Fox Point, Pewaukee and Waukesha in Wisconsin I am blessed to have all three things come together to provide some outstanding training.

It is often said many times that you can accomplish some great things with ordinary people but when you work with outstanding, talented, professionals the boundaries are endless. Thank you for some great training yesterday we will turn another milestone.

Confronting Multiple Attackers

Confronting multiple attackers was the seminar we just conducted a JK Lee Blackbelt Academy.

Understanding concepts like the wolf pack, swarm circles, and attack zones. We discuss tactics and strategies for managing and controlling distance creating barriers between you and other threats to become the hunter rather than the prey.

How to control the various stages of anxiety fear and panic and had a trigger the fight or flight in your attackers!



Family Defense Strategies – “What happens when they…”

This is a 2 hour seminar on Family Defense Strategies tailored to teaching parents and their children with a non-combat background in field proven strategies and tactics for ensuring the safety of themselves and their families at home and while shopping this holiday season.

We will discuss holiday safety tips when shopping at the mall, keeping your home secure, and how to defend yourself, family and home from attackers.


Contact me at daveyoung@armatraining.com for more information.