Being Aware or Are you Hopeful?

Being aware of your surrounding means more than just watching what is in front of you. When you are sitting in a restaurant eating you would notice someone standing on top of a table singing – however you may not take notice to the amount of food on one’s plate or water/beverage levels of the…Continue Reading »

Special Recognition!

  I wanted to give special recognition to Master Jay Lee and his motivating group of Women Awareness Survival Program Instructors For being the first martial arts school in the country to offer this program. And to Ms Becky Claubaugh their W.A.S.P. Director and to the rest of their amazing staff from USTC for the…Continue Reading »


Dave Young at MPower Summit 2015

Dave Young at MPower Summit 2015 Are you protected or just hopeful? One of my two presentations this year at the EFC MPower Summit 2015 will cover just that. I travel around the world training thousands of police, corrections, military, security and martial art professionals yearly in self defense, defensive tactics, force on force, instructor…Continue Reading »


Challenge yourself professionally

If you teach self defense or defensive tactics – you need to be at this seminar! No one gives a guarantee – I did. If you do not learn something new every hour on the hour. I will give you back your money! Loading the player for 9xBKwjByTyR…


Hanmadang 2015 – The place to be for all Martial Artists

Hanmadang 2015 US Open Team work, communications and dedication are the words I am using to describe the staff, committees, and volunteers who helped organize, coordinate, support and manage this outstanding festival. The display of camaraderie, between the martial art schools was outstanding, cheering each other on, motivating each other in the mat and the…Continue Reading »


Do you know who is teaching your children?

Do you know who is teaching your children? As many of you are aware, I work with many state and federal government agencies involving force on force situations. When an incident occurs regarding the use of force by law enforcement my email and Facebook messages explode with questions, comments and not so kind remarks. It…Continue Reading »


Are you teaching lies or truths?

Are you teaching lies or truths? Last Monday I received an email from a parent who’s son was taught self-defense (this is becoming more common) from his martial arts instructor a few months ago. Last week her son used what was taught in his self-defense class and this resulted in serous bodily injury to the…Continue Reading »


Tips for Staying Aware

Tips for a staying aware. OBSERVE your own area and neighborhood; PREVENT the incident from happening to you In any confrontation – there are many different obstacles and issues to think of – The most important is you ingredient for your safety is YOU. Have confidence; be alert, aware of your surroundings, conducting your risk…Continue Reading »