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Special Recognition!


I wanted to give special recognition to Master Jay Lee and his motivating group of Women Awareness Survival Program Instructors

For being the first martial arts school in the country to offer this program.

And to Ms Becky Claubaugh their W.A.S.P. Director and to the rest of their amazing staff from USTC for the outstanding job in releasing our W.A.S.P. to the communities in Colorado Springs!

See everyone Tuesday!




Dave Young speaking about KAMA

If you are a Master, a Martial Arts School Owner you need to be at the KAMA March 6-7 in Las Vegas at the Rio! I will be sharing information you cannot read out of a book or watch off a video and you will only see it at KAMA!

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Some videos just have to be watched

Fight fitness and US Taekwondo Centers Colorado Springs
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Some talk about it, some experience it, some live it!

This is simple
Effort and commitment equals results “Street Safe” Level 1
At US Taekwondo Centers in Colorado Springs.

Take the Fight Fitness challenge US Taekwondo Centers 2015!

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Improving future performance

Great instructor development class this morning with Master Jay Lee, Master Sammy Pejo, Master JW Kang, Master Sonny Kang and Master Sean Jung.

Learning how to enhance the teaching of a skill, building justifications into each exercise, showing new activities and drills breaking down the difference and developing the testing and validation process for scenario development.

Have a great day everyone time to get back in the mat!



You’re invited to Colorado Springs

Tomorrow will be the start of an outstanding week in self-defense training!

I am flying to Colorado Springs to train the staff, student and families of US Taekwondo Centers with Master Jay Lee, Master Sammy Pejo, Master Jw Kang and Master Sonny Kang.

A lot of great programs are being launched in 2015 for US Taekwondo Centers throughout Colorado Springs. Fight Fitness the ONLY FITNESS program to prepare you emotionally, mentally and physically to win a real fight and get you in the type of shape you need while exceeding the expectations of what you want!

Woman’s Awareness and Survival Program is the only program in the country developed to keep women safe before, during and after the attack and how to work within your own physical limitations. It’s designed by professionals that protect others for a living to teach women field proven strategies to keep safe.

Bullies, Books and Backpacks, a specially designed program to help all parents and their children understand the importance of selecting the correct backpack for their children to reduce life long injuries like spinal loading and the dangers of not knowing how to pack their books and other sharp objects in their packs and how to quickly and safely remove their backpack when engaged in a bully attack or group of kids and so much more!

There are MANY SELF-DEFENSE PROGRAMS OUT THERE based on a martial art, sport, gimmick or a great idea that teach you techniques – DO NOT CONFUSE US WITH ONE OF THOSE.

Remember, just because you cook a hamburger on a grill and throw steak sauce on it- that didn’t make it is steak! Training for real world attacks is not a hobby or sport. For us it is our way of life.

Our profession is what we do and who we are and every year we certify thousands of police, corrections and military around the world in winning real world attacks.

Come join us this week and have fun, train hard and win in the street, in the courtroom and in your life!

See you all soon!


East Coast Martial Arts 2015

One of the wonderful things about my job is I get to travel around the country and meet some amazing people. I get to see the courage of a six-year-old do something they never thought they could do, all the way to the 70-year-old that other people never knew they could.

Master Tommy Lee and his staff, students, families and extremely large numbers of supporters always give me a warm welcome and extremely hard work and dedication in all our training sessions.

I look forward to seeing everybody again in February.

Be safe, God bless and see everybody soon!

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To All Who Teach Self-Defense…

In the self-defense world, it is amazing to hear other instructors, martial artists, and people in general discuss self-defense or personal protection and try to support some of the things they currently teach without realizing that just because you say it doesn’t make it true.

Especially when teaching programs for women’s self-defense or teen safety programs.

One of my favorite stories (and I am sure many have others just like it) is hearing a trainer tell a woman that when she is grabbed like this, you do that.

I watched the look on her face get very puzzled then I leaned in closer to hear her say, “But what if he grabbed me like this?” (meaning another way – which was more practical).

He quickly said then we will have to do something. But right now let’s focus on him grabbing you this way. Then she asked what if he grabs my other hand – and he quickly said he won’t – they more than likely grab this hand first. (He was standing in front of her with his right hand reaching across to her right shoulder extending his arm and twisting his upper body which placed his elbow up in the air – definitely not a common grab).

Personal safety or self-defense, wherever you choose to call it, is so much more than teaching just a technique. In fact if you’re teaching techniques then you’re actually saying to the student that in your attack, they will attack you this way and you are placing them in danger first and then trying to help them get you out of the danger they put you in.

You’re also lying. Yes I said lying.

This means you know what you are telling them is not true, you either heard it from someone; read it in a book, watched in a movie or had a great dream the night before – you put forth no research, expanded your own training, personally experienced the attacks and you know what your saying is just not true.

You have a good idea, strong positive thinking but that still doesn’t make it true. You may sound confident in what you’re saying and look like you know what you’re talking about, and even have a cool looking uniform and patches; but around other like minded professionals, we know.

The sad thing is if you’re telling the student when they’re attacked they can control all the variables that happened during a physical encounter like how they will grab, what limb they will grab, how they will punch you, how they will respond when you do this.

Those are all unknowns at the time of the attack – there is NO WAY TO KNOW THEM!

This kind of thinking is dangerous and very unsafe and not too realistic. The sad news is no crime is being committed – however your moral and ethical compass is way off base! If the safety advice you give a person is false, something you’re not sure of, or your advice is for them to be careful; be on the lookout; when they do this you do that, watch your back and don’t get into trouble it’s really not advice.

You’re telling them things they already know and not training them on how to identify, prevent, non-escalate, deescalate, engage or escalate.

So remember self-defense instructors and personal safety experts, what comes out of your mouth goes in somebody else’s ear. If you’re telling them something that you haven’t researched, you haven’t confirmed, it’s not field proven, you have never personally experienced it, have a doubt it won’t work or will get them in a trouble – SAY NOTHING ANS BE QUIET!

Remember, silence can never be misunderstood! Rather than hope what you tell them they will never have to use, think of it like this – you will still save their lives without saying a word!

Being Courageous Can Be Contagious

In every training program we conduct there is always a certain level of desensitization that needs to be completed by the student or instructors.

This can be focused on building emotional safety, enforcing mental conditioning, or strengthening physical responses. There is no ruler to measure or special gauge rate a person’s courage.

I don’t believe there such a thing as having a little bit of courage because you either have courage or you don’t.

This weekend while training at East Coast Martial Arts, I witnessed several martial artists reach outside of themselves and show courage which inspired others around them to be courageous.

Confirming once again how your actions can be contagious to others. Great job everybody!