“Don’t even think about purchasing or carrying pepper spray until you have viewed these tips”

My name is Dave Young, the founder of Arma Training and US Fighting Systems – and a co-director at Vistelar.

You probably reached this page because you’ve seen one of my pepper spray articles or videos somewhere on the Internet.

Since 1990 I’ve certified thousands of professionals (police, corrections, military) to use pepper spray as Chemical Aerosol Projector Instructors — but I’ve been frustrated with how this self-defense weapon is often treated as a toy by the general public.

Pepper spray manufacturers would like you to think you can just buy their product, stick it in your purse or pocket, and be protected from any bad-guy attack.

I can tell you, from over 25 years of experience with pepper spray weapons, THAT’S JUST NOT TRUE!

For pepper spray to work, you must have the right product and know how to correctly use it — and then, most importantly, have the right expectations for it’s effects on the attacker and on you (and, trust me, you WILL be affected). When pepper spray is used, it’s often a life or death situation — and that’s NOT the time to “figure it out.”

So, that’s why I decided to develop an ongoing series of Pepper Spray Tips and put up this web page so people could access them from one place.

Whether you already carry pepper spray or are purchasing it for the first time, you should access these tips — so, when your life is at stake, you don’t end up using what I call the “spray and pray” technique (that NEVER works!).

Just fill out the form at the right, press Submit, and you’ll get an email from me with a link to my Pepper Spray Tips web page. You’ll also get access to a clip of me being pepper-sprayed on national TV (from “Crash Test Human” – a show I hosted for National Geographic).

To your safety and security,

Dave Young


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