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Two Beliefs That Threaten Your Life — “It won’t happen to me” — “If it does, I’ll know what to do”

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Dear Friend,

My name is David Young, the founder of Arma Training and US Fighting Systems – and a co-director at Vistelar.

I’ve been involved with personal security and self defense for over 40 years. (This make me officially old!)

Since I was born in 1962 I get questioned how that’s possible — until I describe the neighborhoods in which I grew up. For most of my early years I literally got into fights every day at home and on my way to and from school.

During that time I studied many different martial arts, from boxing, judo, wrestling, aikido, karate, and muay thai fighting. It didn’t take me long to realize the truth of this quote — “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

That experience was the start of my commitment to real-world training — NOT theory.

My Background

Following school I was a loss prevention specialist, Army enlistee, corrections deputy, and patrol officer. I became dual certified in both corrections and law enforcement for the state of Florida.

Then, in 1988 I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and was meritoriously promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal and joined the Military Police. Later I was the awarded the Distinquished Honor Graduate for receiving a 100% GPA in NCO school — an accomplishment which has not been repeated — and, within a couple of years, I was promoted to Sergeant and appointed as a Special Reactionary Team (SRT) Leader.

During this period I continued my study of martial arts (multiple disciplines) in six countries on three continents.

In 1992 I began my formal experience in personal defense training which has continued until today.

I designed and developed the Defensive Tactics Development Course for the Military Police (for which I was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal) and created the Subject Control and Arrest Tactics Program for new Marine officers.

Since leaving the Marines I’ve been the Director of Training for Mace Security International, Armor Holdings, and RedMan Training Gear. In 2009, I formed my own defensive tactics training company (Arma Training) and, in 2010, I formed US Fighting Systems – to allow me to expand the reach of my real-world training to folks outside of police, corrections, and security.

Over the years I’ve been appalled by the nonsense being taught to the general public in the name of personal defense — both in what tactics are taught and how they are taught. Most of what I’ve seen is either impractical, misguided or — in some cases — downright dangerous.

That’s why I decided to offer this FREE newsletter.

Here is what to expect

When you sign up, you’ll get an email every one-to-two weeks with some valuable information related to personal security and self defense. This might be one of my “personal defense tips” shared by video, audio or in writing — or it may be analysis of a violent event where I’ll clearly explain what should have been done to prevent the situation and, if it was to happen to you, your best course of action.

The newsletter will also include contributions from others who have specific expertise in some aspect of personal security or self defense.

The information in these emails will include NO theory. Instead, everything shared will be based on 40+ years of experience — on the streets in real life-or-death situations.

I’m confident you’ll get great benefit from this newsletter. In fact, what you’ll learn could save your life.

“Training is suppose to prepare you what we KNOW will happen – not for what we hope doesn’t occur!”

To sign up, just fill out the form at the right, press Submit, and you’ll get an email welcoming you within minutes.

To your safety and security,

Dave Young

P.S. To get you some immediate information, when you sign up you’ll get an email from me with a link to a web page with video clips of some of my best personal defense tips.


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