Burning Consequences: New DVD
demonstrates pepper spray decontamination

October 24, 2011 Milwaukee, Wis. ‑ If you have an encounter with pepper spray, do you know what do you do if it gets in your face?

In a new instructional DVD entitled “Burning Consequences,” police trainer Dave Young explains how the safest, quickest and most efficient decontamination strategies used by professionals can be used by anyone. The cost is $19.99, but it is currently being offered at the special price of $12.99. Order at now at http://usfightingsystems.com/usfs-decon/.

“Anyone who carries pepper spray as a defensive measure must know what to do in an emergency situation,” Young said, “because even if you are spraying an attacker, or your canister is deployed by accident, you will feel the effects.”

Young, who gained notoriety on National Geographic’s “Crash Test Human” series, is sprayed with pepper spray in this video and narrates the decontamination process while controlling his breathing and strobbing his eyes. He also explains:

• What pepper spray actually does

• How to safely and effectively control your breathing

• How to control your eyes

• Removing the pepper spray from your eyes, skin, face, clothing and property

• How to remain in control of yourself and stay aware of your surroundings

• Medical concerns that might arise

Through his company, Arma Training, Young has trained the most elite tactical professionals within

the police, security and military, both domestically and internationally. In 2010 he founded U.S. Fighting Systems, in which he brings his expertise and hard-line approach to personal and family security. His companies belong to the Vistelar Group training organization, which produced this video.

Vistelar is rapidly producing an extensive catalog of training videos. Other topics include gun disengagement and resources for the tactical communications strategies known as Verbal Defense and Influence. To view the entire catalog visit https://vistelar.3dcartstores.com.




Vistelar Group offers speaking and training focused on the fundamentals of human interaction, with the objective of stopping the ineffectiveness, struggle and, often, more serious consequences that result when communications break down. Areas of expertise for professional and personal development range from verbal conflict, bullying, and physical defense — to sales, service and leadership. For more information visit http://www.vistelar.com.

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