WHAT DO I DO NOW – Don’t be one thousands of mislead people who carry pepper spray and do not know how to get it off of them. Learn the insider secrets on how to quickly and safely decontaminate from being spray with pepper spray.

Dave Young here — founder and director of US Fighting Systems and Arma Training.

To put it simply – experience is what you get 5 minutes after doing what you did.  Experience is what you get after years of mistakes and what if’s play out, experience is the facts from someone who is there and who is still there.

The situations is simple –

  1. You just sprayed an attacker with pepper spray and now you have to get off of you
  2. You have just been sprayed by an attacker and no have to get it off of you
  3. You have ran over to help someone who was attacked and they have sprayed the attacker with pepper spray and now you have to get off of you


No matter the reason – here are the facts; When you are sprayed with pepper spray you will experience these physical effects:

Mild to intense facial burning

Some have described this feeling as:

  • A hot poker being pressed into my face
  • Being hit in the face with a bat
  • Thousands needle being stuck in my face
  • …and the list goes on

Mild to intense respiratory distress

Some have described this feeling as:

  • A 500 pound weight being pressed on my chest
  • Feels like I am being suffocated
  • I am gagging and choking
  • …and the list goes on

Involuntary eye closure

Some have described this feeling as:

  • Having thousands of bees stinging my eyes
  • Feelings like sand being blasted in my eyes
  • Being blinded
  • …and the list goes on

These descriptions of personally being sprayed with pepper spray are accurate, unfortunately the main reason I know this is since 1990 when pepper spray first came onto the market as a line of defense for police I have been personally sprayed hundreds of times and have experience all of them plus many, many, many more.

Pepper spray is one of the very few weapons of defense you can purchase without having to receive ANY TRAINING on it prior to being allowed to carry or and use it.  They have read the hype form the manufacture about how potent and seriously dangerous their pepper spray is then others and have painted a very serious picture building a level of confidence that is false.

The only real facts they can seem to agree on is when you are sprayed you are sprayed!  Meaning when you come into contact with the pepper spray either from being sprayed or being the person doing the spraying or you’re the person who is running into the area after someone else has sprayed YOU!

My Background

I grew up in some of the toughest areas of Hialeah, FL between 1967-1980, and can remember being sprayed with a can of mace from a person who thought that was going to stop me and her son from fighting – not only did we both get sprayed but so did she!

I’m a former Marine, police officer (civilian, military), corrections officer, and security agent — and have been training professionals how to stay safe and defend themselves since 1980.  In the 80’s I worked in some of the toughest streets in the world in areas like Compton – Inglewood and Watts, CA. I have had extensive training in various chemical agents and have studied the physical and mental effects of how these agents affect the people who come into contact with them.

In March of 1990 I wrote one of the first original training programs with the use of pepper spray I have been personally been contaminated hundreds of time with all of the pepper defense spray sold here in the United States and most of them sold internationally and I can honestly say without a doubt there is no such thing as the best spray!

Your eyes will slam shut, your face will burn, your breathing will be effected, physically you will have some mild to intense effect from being sprayed with pepper spray – you will experience mental fogging, respiratory distress, mental fogging, loss of balance, emotional distress in any of the combinations mentioned above and without the proper training – this in itself can be over whelming and incapacitating to one and some might have very limited signs of others.

Some will stop but others will continue to fight and can still be a serious threat.  I have learned many things being on both the giving and receiving end of this and have realized it takes the combination of proper application, the right mind set and the most effective pepper spray.

While some manufactures will tell you they are the hottest – that should NOT impress you.  You need to take these 5 tactical considerations in mind when selecting the right pepper spray.

5 Tactical Decon Considerations

  1. Breathing– controlling  your breathing is the first and foremost thing to do when being sprayed – breathing in through your mouth and out through y our nose will help control the effects and allow you to maintain control of your breathing
  2. Strobbing your eyes – if should do not strobe your eyes meaning the continuous opening and closing your eyes (like blinking) you will not allow the vision and focus to return to your eyes and allowing the moisture to return
  3. Keeping your chin up – opening the air way is vital to a quick and fast recovery, allowing your airway to stay open is not only critical but life saving
  4. Maintaining Focus – not only of your surrounding but the people in the area concentrating on protecting yourself, balance, other known threats, the area you are in are all important for your safety.
  5. Mind set – making the decision to stand up for yourself and physically defend yourself is a very important decision I take serious, and so should you so if you are NOT willing to train and practice – planning to fail.

In addition, I have conducted many evaluations on most pepper sprays used for civilian, police and military, and have noted some differences and distinct advantages and disadvantages.

I have also deployed pepper spray as a corrections officer, police officer, and military police and have seen everything from persons being contaminated from being enraged and unleashing the beast in them to slowing their levels or aggression, to no effect at all.

Frankly, as a result of all of this experience, I know A LOT about how to get the pepper spray off of you as fast as possible without using any special creams, lotions or other solutions sold with the false claim that it works best – I have tried them all!

When I formed US Fighting Systems, I decided to develop a video program about how get the pepper spray off as well as how to select, use, defend yourself, to protect you and your family, and how to effectively defend yourself, your family and your property – (See our civilian Pepper Spray on-line course).

In my opinion if you do not have a plan, then you plan to FAIL and, for me, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

That’s why I created this course — to you with real-world facts about what you need to know when using pepper spray and the things they do not tell you.

Let me tell you more about it.

It is about 10 minutes in length.

No one has ever attempted to do what we did in regards to being sprayed with a live pepper spray unit then personally walk through step by step how to stay in control of yourself and how to quickly remove the pepper spray.  You will see me personally get sprayed with a law enforcement based solution that is one of the most effective pepper spray solutions on the market.  After I am sprayed I will personally;

  • Walk you through the effects
  • Explaining what the pepper spray actually does
  • I will discuss how to safely and effectively control your breathing
  • How to control your eyes
  • How to remove the pepper spray from your eyes and skin
  • How to control your breathing
  • How to remain in control of yourself and stay aware of your surroundings
  • How to quickly and effectively remove the pepper spray from your face, clothing and property
  • And much more!

The price of this course

As far as price, I wasn’t sure what to do here. See, I normally charge $50 to $150 (depending on the format and audience) for the information contained in this course. But, this version is for a much broader audience — anyone who owns a home or rents an apartment.

So I decided to charge a price that everyone can afford — just $19.99.

But this is a new program and I really want everyone to have it. Therefore, for a short period of time, I decided to offer this complete program for just $12.99.

Here is how to order

To purchase this course, just click on the link below and you will be taken to our secure online order form. Once you submit this form, we’ll receive your order and get the course shipped out to you within a few days.

As with all of our programs there is a 90-day no-hassle, no-questions-asked guarantee. So there is really no risk in purchasing this program and, with your life at stake, there is everything to gain.

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