Take the only challenge that matters… Fight Fitness

Fight Fitness is the only complete body workout that prepares you emotionally, conditions you mentally, and challenges you physically in preparing you to win a real world encounter. No gimmicks, no special clothing required, no false promises and no music. Just show up wearing a mouthpiece and get to work! Effort + Commitment = Results….Continue Reading »

East Coast Martial Arts….

We just finishing a great day of training and certification with Master Tommy Lee from East Coast martial arts. We address the implementation of the new US Fighting Systems curriculum that will start January 2015 at both his school locations. This included identifying the instructor format for the presentation of each of the techniques as…Continue Reading »

Sun Lee Taekwondo Advanced Certifications

  It is always sad to leave a school after our training. The relationships you develop with the school’s Master and their instructors, seeing where they were when you started, and then and seeing the final skill set when you leave is a rewarding and humbling experience. I wanted to say THANK YOU. Not only…Continue Reading »

Trick or horror!

There is NEVER a need to tell the importance or advertise the need for any safety product as these things happen around the country. No need to make them up that is why we call what we do real world – not the fantasy so many others live in. I share articles like this for…Continue Reading »

The training gear is here!

  As many of you know over the last two years I’ve had several discussions with manufactures who make martial arts training gear. These discussions started after conducting several US Fighting Systems self-defense programs at martial arts schools around the country. In the process of using the gear they had on hand, some of their…Continue Reading »

Watching your material come to life!

Having the opportunity to watch students test on the material you have spent over 30 years developing and field proving is a humbling and outstanding privilege. To watch the dedication in their eyes, the confidence in their movements and the execution of the techniques under stress is something every trainer should experience. Thank you Master…Continue Reading »

An honor….

Very few people have the right or authority to speak about your life or the lives of others. And when you are asked to speak about that during a ceremony, it is an amazing honor that is bestowed upon you. It doesn’t matter how many people. It doesn’t matter whether it is a graduation of…Continue Reading »