Working out seems to have a different meaning for everybody. Their target goals for fitness are different, their levels of commitment vary and their results will either motivate or demotivate them based on one important fact.

Effort + Commitment = Results!

What is the main reason you are working out?

Some buy all the latest fitness apparel and just walk around the gym. The only reason they’re sweating is because they forgot to take off their jacket. Others carry their water bottle around spending more time on their phone than working out.

These are the people who go to the gym to look trendy or convince themselves they are improving their health.

Then there’s the person who works out at the stations and maybe even takes a few classes but gives minimal effort and sees no gain.

They forget that they need to put in the effort to get the results.


A workout with focus

I believe part of the reason some people don’t take their workout seriously is because they don’t have a clear goal to work towards. So I thought what better goal is there than being prepared to fight for your life in a physical encounter?

That’s how I got the idea to develop a different kind of workout program. One that was physically and mentally challenging and could potentially save lives.

To do this I knew that:

  • it had to be for those who are truly dedicated to their workout
  • it had to keep people in fighting condition
  • it had to train people how to stay alive during a physical encounter

The workout also had to have several goals and objectives to instill confidence, power development, cardiovascular endurance, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, flexibility, as well as being emotionally challenging and mentally tasking.

What I came up with was Fight Fitness.


How Fight Fitness prepares warriorsfight fitness

If the workout was meant to keep people in the kind of shape it takes to stay alive in a physical encounter, then it also had to mentally prepare them for a fight.

To that end, Fight Fitness trains participants to recognize and combat the negative thinking process a lot of fighters experience that leads to someone quitting a fight.

The first step in the negative thinking process is what we call submission thinking. Submission thinking is rationalizing that you can slow down and still achieve your goal. This is the first lie, you tell yourself.

Then you start to compromise with yourself. We call this step surrender thinking. This is when you start to say to yourself it’s okay to stop. It keeps you from pushing your limits – both in the gym and on the street.

The last stage you go through before you give up and quit is called helpless thinking. This is when you put forth NO more effort to accomplish the task at hand. You’ve already talked yourself into quitting and now you physically stop pushing forward to change your outcome.


No nonsense

Before creating Fight Fitness I reviewed, participated in, and researched every fitness program on the planet. While they all make you sweat, drop some weight and build muscle, NONE of them prepares you to fight for your life – and win – if someone ever tried to take it from you!

This is the purpose of Fight Fitness. The five levels of Fight Fitness are to build and release the inner warrior inside you!

Your coach will be with you along the way with no music and no special equipment; just you and your coach. We will teach you how to control your emotions by pushing your limits and stretching your limitations by managing your mental conditioning and increasing your physical abilities.

You do not need any special footwear or apparel to participate in this workout.  You will need a mouthpiece, an open space and positive thinking, and you can adjust your Fight Fitness rounds to fit your schedule.

This is the ultimate fitness workout to prepare you for the time when you may have to save yourself or others and ensure you’re emotionally prepared, mentally conditioned and physically capable of defending yourself when your life depends on it the most!

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-Dave Young

Founder of US Fighting Systems