KAMA 2015 is almost here!

Korean American Martial Arts Association – KAMA 2015 There are many different types of martial art associations and organizations and like anything some are good, some are not so good. I am associated with many professional police and military organizations around the country started by people who care and give back to the community that…Continue Reading »

Dave Young speaking about KAMA

If you are a Master, a Martial Arts School Owner you need to be at the KAMA March 6-7 in Las Vegas at the Rio! I will be sharing information you cannot read out of a book or watch off a video and you will only see it at KAMA! Loading the player for 72JBpLN38Y8…

Improving future performance

Great instructor development class this morning with Master Jay Lee, Master Sammy Pejo, Master JW Kang, Master Sonny Kang and Master Sean Jung. Learning how to enhance the teaching of a skill, building justifications into each exercise, showing new activities and drills breaking down the difference and developing the testing and validation process for scenario…Continue Reading »

You’re invited to Colorado Springs

Tomorrow will be the start of an outstanding week in self-defense training! I am flying to Colorado Springs to train the staff, student and families of US Taekwondo Centers with Master Jay Lee, Master Sammy Pejo, Master Jw Kang and Master Sonny Kang. A lot of great programs are being launched in 2015 for US…Continue Reading »

East Coast Martial Arts 2015

One of the wonderful things about my job is I get to travel around the country and meet some amazing people. I get to see the courage of a six-year-old do something they never thought they could do, all the way to the 70-year-old that other people never knew they could. Master Tommy Lee and…Continue Reading »

To All Who Teach Self-Defense…

In the self-defense world, it is amazing to hear other instructors, martial artists, and people in general discuss self-defense or personal protection and try to support some of the things they currently teach without realizing that just because you say it doesn’t make it true. Especially when teaching programs for women’s self-defense or teen safety…Continue Reading »

Being Courageous Can Be Contagious

In every training program we conduct there is always a certain level of desensitization that needs to be completed by the student or instructors. This can be focused on building emotional safety, enforcing mental conditioning, or strengthening physical responses. There is no ruler to measure or special gauge rate a person’s courage. I don’t believe…Continue Reading »