Dave Completes the Ice Bucket Challenge Twice!

As a Marine I NEVER walk away from a challenge. So the first Ice Bucket is for the ALS cause. But listen closely to what my second Ice Bucket Challenge is for because it involves EVERYONE! Step up and accept BOTH challenges today! Loading the player for …

Let’s train the world together!

Remember, as a trainer or instructor of self defense you either contributed to your students success or helped choreograph their death! Honestly which one do you do? And do you just say you do or really do it? What if you had to speak at the funeral of a student of yours and talk about…Continue Reading »

Master Chan Lee presenting at the EFC

Master Chan Lee presenting at the EFC Master Chan Lee presenting at the EFC on bully managing, expanding your schools curriculum, and being a role model for the communities your in as a martial arts school. Great job Master Chan Lee!

Presenting at the EFC today!

It is always exciting when you’re going to present at any conference. To think that people from around the country are flying into one location to hear you present is overwhelming. Today I have the opportunity to do just that in front of a group of successful school owners and martial artists from around the…Continue Reading »

Master Defender Striking Shield

Dave Young Founder and Director of Arma Training and US Fighting Systems shares a brief look into the new and innovative products of Crown Gym Mats. Gear helps you to elevate your training without compromising the safety of your students or staff! Loading the player for wq3LNbB5B…