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As many of you know over the last two years I’ve had several discussions with manufactures who make martial arts training gear. These discussions started after conducting several US Fighting Systems self-defense programs at martial arts schools around the country.

In the process of using the gear they had on hand, some of their striking shields and small target shields failed to protect the person striking the shield as well as the person holding the shield.  The straps tore off, surface area broke apart, shields ripped open and in some cases even caused injuries.

I have over 30+ years of training and experience as a corrections officer, police officer and veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and since 1988 have been teaching self-defense and defensive tactics to police and military professionals around the world. During these years, I’ve broken my fair share of protective training gear and striking shields.

During the past 20 years, I’ve been using and helping in the development of training props and protective a suits from some of the leading manufacturers of training gear that is used for high level simulation training.

Unfortunately all my efforts and attempts to work with these manufacturers within the industry have failed.

So we decided to design our own gear, and why not? The current gear used not does not allow my team and I to train to the level needed with the current gear being made.

Most of this training gear is made outside the United States and, as a result, quality control issues occur. Unfortunately this is often attributed to the lower cost which is often what motivates the purchase.

We wanted to change that on all sides. US Fighting Systems partnered with Crown Gym Mats who are leaders in the industry to make gear that is designed and built right here in the USA.

This collaboration has resulted in designing some of the highest level impact protection available for a striking shields, small target shields and forearm striking shields. A new innovative griping feature gives the person holding the bag some added benefit and improves strength.

Since our real world based training is conducted outside with shoes and boots in a variety of weather conditions, we wanted our gear to last and not only protect the person hitting it, but also the person holding it without hurting your wallet!

So if you’re a trainer, martial arts school owner or self-defense practitioner and you use striking shields, small focus pads or other training props, give us a try.

I guarantee you it will be the last piece of training gear you will ever need to buy….

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