I am amazed by the things that happen around us.

As I travel around the world I have the opportunity to meet some exciting, motivating and dedicated professionals. This traveling also allows me to witness things people do that just amaze and concern me with their apparent disregard for personal safety.

Like the woman who leaves her purse on her table and goes to the bathroom with no one else to watch it. Or the parents that send their small four and six-year-old into the bathroom by themselves unattended. Or passing the guy in the parking lot in his late 60s in the open counting large hundred dollar bills as he walks to his car.

All of these are great examples of people that live in the world I always talk about; the world that it won’t happen to me and then I’ll be shocked when it suddenly does.

Being safe and sound has nothing to do with being scared. It has everything to do with being ready and aware of the things around you and understanding the world in which we live.

It’s not a question anymore of if it will happen, it’s a question of when. And when it does, will you be ready to defend your personal safety? I know I am!