It is always sad to leave a school after our training.

The relationships you develop with the school’s Master and their instructors, seeing where they were when you started, and then and seeing the final skill set when you leave is a rewarding and humbling experience.

I wanted to say THANK YOU. Not only for the hard work, energy, time and effort everyone put in this week but for the warm welcome greetings and kindness you have shown me.

Remember that our students are the most precious treasures and the training we conduct is all about them. Their safety is OUR responsibility, their dignity is our duty and their and performance is one of the highest honors a student can bestow to us.

Don’t break your toys in your classes and remember training is suppose to prepare you for what is about to happen – not for what we HOPE doesn’t occur!

I look forward to our next series of training in April 2015.

Enjoy the coming holidays with your families and God Bless!