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My name is David Young, the founder of Arma Training and US Fighting Systems – and a co-director at the Vistelar

You probably reached this page because you’ve seen one of my street-defense articles or videos somewhere on the Internet.

I have over 20 years of training and experience as a police officer (civilian, military), corrections officer, security agent and veteran of the United States Marine Corps — and have been training professionals how to stay safe and defend themselves since 1980.

I use the term “Real-World” to describe my training programs — which is much different than traditional defense training:

  • It isn’t a sport  — with mats, time limits, weight classes, and referees. In the real world, you can’t throw in the towel if things aren’t going well — losing  just isn’t an option.
  • It isn’t based on tactics and techniques only 20-somethings can perform and that require years of practice in order to become proficient. That’s just not the real-world.
  • It doesn’t assume any rules of engagement. In the real world there are no rules (except later in court where many encounters end up)

Sadly, most personal-safety and self-defense training doesn’t consider these realities — even when labeled as “reality” based. Self-defense training is rarely focused on defending your life, the techniques taught require physical capabilities beyond what’s possessed by most people, and the ever-present legal issues are seldom considered.

In contrast, the personal-safety and self-defense systems I’ve taught over the last 30 years to police, corrections, and military professionals have these nine attributes:

  1. Have staying alive as the #1 priority
  2. Work despite the physical limitations of the professional applying them
  3. Compensate for the physical capabilities of the assailant
  4. Consider all situations and environments where an attack may occur
  5. Are quick to learn and easy to remember (just 3 steps for each technique)
  6. Are courtroom defensible
  7. Are medically and tactically sound
  8. Are executed the same way whether standing or on the ground
  9. Have been proven to work in real life or death situations!

My professional students vary widely in size and abilities and they operate in a world where there are no rules — so providing training with the above nine attributes is critically important.

In 2010, I formed US Fighting Systems to bring these same nine attributes to personal-safety and self-defense training for the general public.

In order to broadly share my systems, I decided to develop an ongoing series of Street-Defense Tips and put up this web page so people could access them from one place.

If you have any exposure to life’s dangers, you should access these tips — so you’ll know how to stay safe and what to do if attacked.

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To your safety and security,

Dave Young


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