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Self-Defense StoreThank you for your interest in shopping with us to access our training programs and products for verbal, physical and situational self-defense.

Our Self Defense Store is pretty unique because it is not just a smorgasbord of hundreds of products, like most of what you find on the Internet.

These sites drive us crazy because useful products are mixed in with those that are worthless — and there is no way to separate one from the other. In contrast, our store only includes products we personally recommend.

Also, — and this a HUGE pet peeve of ours — there is no training to go along with any of the products that could be used in life or death situations. For example, we can’t fathom how many canisters of pepper spray are in the hands of people who know almost nothing about the product and, as a result, would find it nearly useless (or worse) if they ever tried to use it on a bad guy.

Both our training programs and the self-defense products we offer are available through our online store.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us.

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