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Don’t even think about purchasing or
carrying pepper spray until you have
reviewed this information

Dave Young here — founder and director of US Fighting Systems and Arma Training.

In 1990, Oleoresin Capsicum (OC or pepper spray) was adopted by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and issued to their field agents as a non-lethal force option. In March of that year I developed one of the first OC (Pepper Spray) courses and, since then, I have trained thousands of CAP (Chemical Aerosol Projector) Instructors in live classes. I have served as the Director of Training for Mace Security Systems (manufacturer of OC) for several years and have developed two online credentialed OC courses for the Department of Public Safety at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

In addition, I have been sprayed with pepper spray — literally — hundreds of times.

In fact, as the host of Crash Test Human, a National Geographic TV show, I demonstrated what it was like to be sprayed on national TV.

Check out this 3 minute and 40 second clip from the show.

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Bottom line, I believe I know more about pepper spray and its use than anyone on the planet.

When I formed US Fighting Systems, I decided that a pepper spray course should be the first one to develop — because so many people carry pepper spray and, in my experience, almost no one knows what they need to know (sadly, even the manufacturers don’t know — or, worse, they know and won’t tell you!).

In the civilian world, pepper spray is being treated like hair spray. Women buy it and throw it in their purse — and then think, if attacked, they’ll just pull it out, spray the bad guy, run away and everything will be fine.

That’s not even close to reality — this “spray and pray” technique never works!

Pepper spray is a “weapon” — just like a gun, stungun, knife, etc. — and should be treated as such.

If you carry pepper spray, there’s the potential you’ll be using it in a life or death situation — so you better have the right product (e.g., spray pattern, size, strength, manufacturer) and you better know how to use it to save your life.

Pepper spray is NOT a toy — although many of the manufacturers would like you to think of it in this way. They want you to decide which product to buy based on marketing gimmicks (rather than what you should care about) and they don’t want anything to get in the way of your purchase (e.g., need for training).

In my opinion, that’s just totally irresponsible.

Pepper spray can save your life — but it can also make a dangerous encounter worse, if

  • You have the wrong product (e.g., not hot enough to be effective or way too hot – both are bad)
  • You don’t know how to use it
  • You don’t have the right expectations for it’s effects on the attacker and on you (and, trust me, you will be affected)

That’s why I created this course — and why I believe that everyone who purchases pepper spray should take it.

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Let me tell you more about it

This course consists of online videos of me explaining and demonstrating the information you must know about pepper spray — along with a downloadable PDF of the PowerPoint presentation I use in my live classes.

The program is organized into 7 modules and each video is about 15 minutes in length — so this course isn’t at all like the other information available on pepper spray, which just provides a few “tips” and is filled with misinformation.

See, most pepper spray information has been developed by manufacturers who are primarily interested in you buying their product (no surprise) and I’m sure they think — if they emphasize the need for training — they will sell less because it might make the use of pepper spray seem too complicated.

So, they make it sound like you can just buy their product, carry it with you wherever you go, and be totally protected by any bad-guy attack. As Pat Paulson used to say on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour — BULLFEATHERS!

I have actually never seen a bad guy get sprayed and react like you may have seen in the movies (e.g. collapse to the ground and scream in pain). That’s just not how this stuff works.

Again, pepper spray is a weapon, and you need the training to effectively use it as a weapon (and to make sure it is not used as a weapon against you).

Here is just some of what you’ll learn in this course:

  • What product you should buy (spray pattern, size, style, etc. — the product you select does matter, A LOT)
  • What you should expect as far pepper spray’s impact on your attacker (there are a lot of misconceptions here — but I’ll teach you the straight scoop)
  • How to decontaminate yourself (yes, if you use pepper spray, you WILL get contaminated and you MUST know what to do about it)
  • The best way (actually, what I teach is really the ONLY way) to use pepper spray during an attack
  • And, much, much more.

Then, just for this program, I did something that no one has ever done before.

See, in my classes, I have students get sprayed with OC so they can directly experience its effects and accurately understand what the bad guys will experience.

Well, I’m not going to ask you to do that — but this is so important, I decided to do the next best thing. I had someone spray me and recorded on video the entire experience — from the initial effects through the decontamination process.

To my knowledge, no one has ever done this before — but it really adds to the learning from this course. In fact, I’m now using this video in my professional classes because it provides such insight as to the effects of pepper spray.

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The price of this course

As far as price, I wasn’t sure what to do here. See, I normally charge $50 to $150 (depending on the format and audience) for the information contained in this course. But, this version is for a much broader audience — anyone in the general public who carries pepper spray (which I think should be almost everyone).

So I decided to charge a price that everyone can afford — like $30.00. A couple of canisters of good brand of pepper spray in the right packaging will cost you that much and, in my business, the training on a product often costs at least as much as the product’s price.

But this is a new program and I really want everyone who carries pepper spray to take it. Pepper spray is a great product and, for most people, is the best choice for a self-protection device. But, as with all weapons, you must know how to use it or it can cause more harm than good.

Therefore, for a short period of time, I decided to offer this complete online program (including the bonus video of me being sprayed and going through the decontamination process) for just $19.95.

Here is how to order

To get immediate access to this course, just click on the link below and you will be taken to our secure online order form. Once you submit this form, you’ll be sent an email with your username and password for accessing the program.

As with all of our  programs there is a 90-day no-hassle, no-questions-asked guarantee. So there is really no risk in purchasing this program and, with your life at stake, there is everything to gain.

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