Don’t be one of the 1.6 million victims of a home invasion that will occur this year. Learn the insider secrets on how to protect your house, yourself and your family.

Dave Young here — founder and director of US Fighting Systems and Arma Training.

Every year there are about 1.6 million residential burglaries in the United States with an average los of about $2,000 and with physical injuries reported in almost 50% of the incidences. That means over the course of your lifetime, you have a 1 in 5 chance of having your house broken into, experiencing financial loss and, possibly, sustaining injury (or death).

These statistics are horrifying but most people have one of two responses when they hear them:

  • “It will not happen to me”
  • “If it does, I’ll know what to do”

People read in the newspaper almost every day about a home invasion with disastrous outcomes — but one of these two responses prevents them realizing it could be THEIR FAMILY their neighbors are reading about.

And, even though more alarm and surveillance systems are being installed, the rate of home invasions is not going down. The reality is there are a lot more things you must do to protect your home and family than just spending money on a home-security system.

My Background

I’m a former Marine, police officer (civilian, military), corrections officer, and security agent — and have been training professionals how to stay safe and defend themselves since 1980.

I grew up in some of the toughest areas of Hialeah, FL between 1967-1980.  I remember sitting on my couch eating a sandwich with my mother sleeping in her bedroom at 4 o’clock in the afternoon — and having our front door kicked in. As I stood up to confront the 2 intruders (I really knew what I was doing at 14), I was hit in the face, grabbed by my hair and thrown to the ground. Then one of the intruders put a gun to the back of my neck and his knee to the small of my back and told me not to make a sound – which I listened to whole heartily.

The other man ran into the mom’s bedroom, grabbed her hair and dragged her out down the hallway into the living room where I was.  The man on me kept the gun to my head and stepped on my mother’s neck as the other man ran through the house pulling out draws, lifting coaches, and grabbing our belongings. It was all over in 45 minutes — which, at the time, seemed like a lifetime.

Needless to say no one was caught — but we continued to live in the same apartment until I graduated high school and left the area for college.

In addition, I have conducted many security analyses on everything ranging from military installations, to professional corporate officers, to fenced and unfenced structures, and residential homes.

I have also responded to break-ins as a police officer, investigated burglaries in various professional roles, and the story above is just one example of the many home invasions I have personally experienced.

Frankly, as a result of all of this experience, I know A LOT about home invasion — how to prevent it, and how to deal with it, if it occurs.

In fact, as the host of Crash Test Human, a National Geographic TV show, I demonstrated on national TV how to select doors and locks and how easy it is to break into a house, if you don’t know the basic principles of home protection.

Check out this short clip from the show.

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When I formed US Fighting Systems, I decided to develop a video program about how to protect your home from invasion and, if an invasion occurs, how to effectively defend yourself, your family and your property.

In my opinion if you do not have a plan, then you plan to FAIL and, for me, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

That’s why I created this course — to provide homeowners and renters with the information they need to know to protect their property, themselves and their loved one.

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Let me tell you more about it.

This course consists 3 separate videos each building on each other.

First video is the importance of safety proofing the outside of your home;

  1. Why walking through in your property are important
  2. How to conduct safety walks
  3. Identifying blind spots and shadows
  4. Pro’s and Con’s on visual deterrents
  5. Marking danger zones…and so much more

I want to teach you about the importance of how to remove yourself from the bad guys top ten houses to hit list and how to make your home not only appear safe but how to make it safer.

The second video will share the importance of safety proofing the inside of your home;

  • The importance of conducting a safety walk of each room in your home
  • Discuss how to make winders and doors safer
  • How to answer the door and where to stand
  • Questions to ask and lifesaving strategies to work together a FAMILY…and so much more

I want to teach you what how to make the inside of your home safe and how to develop family strategies to keep your loved ones protected.

The third and last video will teach you what to do when everything fails and the intruders have entered you home and what to do and NOT DO!

  • How to defend the front door and other rooms in your home
  • How to response when being asked to tie a loved one up
  • How to position yourself when being tied
  • How to control your breathing and mental control needed
  • How to develop escape routes in your home
  • Conventional and unconventional weapons you can use and NOT TO USE…and so much more!

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The price of this course

As far as price, I wasn’t sure what to do here. See, I normally charge $100 to $300 (depending on the format and audience) for the information contained in this course. But, this version is for a much broader audience — anyone who owns a home or rents an apartment.

So I decided to charge a price that everyone can afford — just $27.00 for each video.

However, I really want you to have all three videos — so the package price for the complete set is just $57.00.

Here is how to order

To purchase this course, just click on the link below and you will be taken to our secure online order form. Once you submit this form, we’ll get the course shipped out to you within a couple of business days.

As with all of our programs there is a 90-day no-hassle, no-questions-asked guarantee. So there is really no risk in purchasing this program and, with your life at stake, there is everything to gain.

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Here is what people are saying about these videos:

Michael Gumm from Ohio says:

The first of three DVD’s will show you how to do a walk around the outside of your home and find things that need need to be done to make it harder for the bad guys to invade your home, like lighting and checking the perimeter of your property. The second DVD will show you things you can do inside the home to make you more secure, like how to answer the door and a simple technique to keep them from forcing the door open. The third DVD covers things like the worst case scenario of the invaders making it into your home and tying you up so they can go through your belongings and a technique that can help you escape. I highly recommend these DVD’s to anyone who wants to feel more secure in their home.

And Nevalyn Payton of Ohio says:

The video: Safeguarding The Outside of Your Home pointed out a lot of things, such as blind spots, possible hiding places for Intruders and shadows on my patio blinds that could show just how many people are in my apartment if watched for any period of time. Because of the lighting in my apartment. The locks on my door and how deep the dead bolt goes into the frame. Ways to approach your garage and check for intruders before entering the garage. Your point on looking around trees and bushes to check for open bottles and cigarette but’s, where someone could have been watching your home for several days in a row. I gathered a lot of good information from this video on how using brighter lighting on my porch and try different lighting in the apartment so it will not create shadows of how many people are in my apartment at any given time. Also Taping window seals to make sure no one entered the apartment while you were away. I never considered leaving a radio on in the house when I am gone for a few days and leaving a porch light on while away. Dave, shows a lot of things and ways to protect yourself in this video. Well done.

The Video: Protecting Your Belongings Inside Your Home was very informative also. He discussed things you could do if someone actually got into your home. The suggestion of mapping out a hiding place in your home and always try having a cell phone or cordless phone in your reach if you should have to hide to call 911. He also stressed if you are going to use weapons such as Knives, guns, and ball-bats to defend your self be sure you know how to use them. Because if you don’t they can be taken away from you and used on you. He suggest that you try to keep knives that are normally on counter tops put out of sight . Do not give the intruder opportunities to use things on you either. I like the demonstration of barricading yourself in your bathroom if you should get stuck in there and there are no windows. Where to put pressure points on the bathroom door to keep them from getting in. After watching this video I went through my house to see what I could do to keep an intruder from me. I realized if I had to run I could pull out drawers, chairs , stools, and other things to keep the intruder away from me. I have taken things from these video’s that could help me in dangerous situations. I live alone and have learned a lot of things I could do to keep myself safe if I should have to. I think the main thing I got from these video’s was they really made me realize that a home invasion could happen to me and they really make you think. Again Well done.

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