Often I am asked a few questions about where does our material come from, how is it different from what we do now and who are you?  So I thought we would try to answer those questions and more

1. Who can teach a US Fighting Systems (USFS) program?

Because our programs has been researched, reviewed and they are currently being used in law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities and military bases around the world.  We have developed a training and certification process to ensure the delivery of the material and instructor presenting your program is presenting the material in the correct and authorized manner.  The only people authorized to use or teach any of the US Fighting Systems copyrighted material, use it’s terminology articulation framework, techniques or tactics are those that have certified by Dave Young Founder and Director of US Fighting Systems

2.  Why is being certified and trained important?

Anytime the application of force is in question or presents itself in a criminal or civil court proceedings you will need to provide the answers to several questions during the initial investigation for decisions made to either be charge or dismissed.  If dismissed then most of these aren’t an issue.  However, if charged criminally or civilly teaching self-defense will have to answer some basic questions, then as it proceeds through the legal process more.

  • What certifications, training and experience do you have that enables you to teach or certify another?
  • Who trained you, and what are their certifications training and experience?
  • Can you both provide the documentation necessary to validate and provide the above?

USFS will be there with you through the entire steps to provide you with the necessary information requested to;

  • The police
  • Your Lawyer
  • State Procecutor

3. What qualifies you as a certified USFS School ?

To be a certified USFS School this means you have completed the US Fighting Systems Initial on-line component session for the desired level of certification consisting of;

  1. Gun and Knife Disarming
  2. Counter Combative Control and Standing
  3. Counter Combative Ground
  4. Weapons (Sticks/Knife/Pepper Spray

4. Who is a certified school allowed to teach the US Fighting certified program material too?

Any certified US Fighting Systems school can conduct demonstrations, train and teach the US Fighting Systems material to any of their contracted students.  The only schools who can participate in these programs are the schools who have are a authorized USFS School.  These are the only schools who are able start taking the additional certification segments that consist of our other levels or training and instructor development programs

5. Why is this material so closely guarded?

Because we understand that teaching any type of self-defense programs dealing with the possible outcome of another life there bares a great responsibly that comes from this decision along with the criminal and civil legation that can results in a person having to defense themselves or another. It is with this highest regards to the lives that we protect this program, tactics and strategies developed by Dave Young.

6. Who can use and purchase the USFS training gear and other training tools used in the delivery of the USFS programs?

Only certified USFS School can purchase the training gear used in the delivery of the USFS programs like the new high impact striking shield, shock knives or training firearms.

7. What is the benefit of being a US Fighting Systems Certified School?

  • Being recognized as the expert in your area from professionals who closely work with local, state, government and federal agencies around the world.
  • Access to our credentialed online course at Vistelar College and Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) an academic institution accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1976 (this course must be completed in advance of the in-person training with Dave Young).
  • FTCC frame able certificate that verifies your completion of a college-credentialed course in family safety and self-defense instruction.
  • Training videos (downloadable) on a variety of personal safety, family safety and self defense topics.
  • Designated Hands on intensive training with Dave Young on the core certification topics (held several times a year in various US locations).
  • A local Defense Expert website for your martial arts school, which positions you as THE family safety and self-defense expert in your community independent of your martial arts school ownership (see example at: http://www.AnyCity.TheDefenseExpert.com).
  • Listing on TheDefenseExpert.com, our national website where people can search for a certified Defense Expert school in their area and read articles on family safety and self-defense that link back to your website.
  • Opportunity to generate additional revenues by selling Your Family Defense products in your community (YourFamilyDefense.com).
  • Access to an online resource with advanced training videos and comprehensive information on how to use US Fighting Systems to generate media attention, enroll new students and enhance student retention.
  • Regular conference calls with Dave Young and other certified school owners where the latest and most effective curriculum and marketing ideas are exchanged.
  • Authorization to conduct US Fighting Systems Seminars to enhance the professional development of yourself and staff.

8. What other programs are available once I receive my basic USFS CORE Certification?

The following breakdown of the US Fighting Systems curriculum is broken down into main topic, sub topics. Each topic is 20 hours with a total of 1500 curriculum hours of certified material.
Below are a list of topics;

We should have a link to the pages sections of our training classes

9. After I become a US Fighting Systems School how do I learn the other programs by USFS?

Once you have completed the USFS Core Certification you are eligible for the additional programs listed above. Each of the programs has a 3-4 hour basic class or seminar followed by an 8 hour instructor certification component to receive the instructor certification for each desired topic. You cannot receive the instructor certification without going through both the basic and instructor programs.  Recertification is completely every 2 years through our on line process or a 1.5 day hands on recertification done at your school.

10. How long is my certification valid for?

Understanding that all skills are perishable and in order to maintain a courtroom defensible programs consistency and recertification is critical. Each certification program you have completed is valid for 2 calendar years.  If it the responsibility of every instructor to maintain their own certifications.


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