Book Dave To Speak

Dave Young can bring a unique perspective to almost any event — due to his focus on real-world personal-safety and self-defense. Click Here to learn more about Dave.

Dave can provide a high-impact interactive presentation to any sized audience on the following topics:

  • Personal Safety Awareness — “Staying safe, at home, the workplace and while traveling”
  • Anti-bullying strategies — “Defending yourself from bullies — at school, the workplace and social events”
  • Family Defense Strategies — “How to respond to missing children, home invasion and attacks”
  • Winning Real World Attacks — “Survival in the streets and courtroom”

Dave has presented to diverse audiences all over the world — including public safety professionals, the business community, healthcare providers, educators, women groups, orphanages, educational institutions and parents and kids.

To learn more about booking Dave Young for your event, either call 877-690-8320 or send us an email using the form on Contact Us page.

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