Articles written by Dave Young;

Dave has been setting the standards in personal safety and awareness, self-defense and the defensive tactics industry for over 30 years.  He is nationally recognized as one of the leaders in the industry and a highly reputable Law Enforcement trainer.   He has been featured on People Magazine, Fox and Friends News, and CNN and spent three years hosting a television show for National Geographic while training thousands all over the country.

Dave has been featured in publications or has provided articles as the expert for Black Belt Magazine, Police Magazine, Law Officer, Policeone.com and  many other professional organization and magazine publications.  To view some of these click on;

  1. Black Belt Magazine – Forgotten Realities of Self Defense by Dave Young and Roy Bedard
  2. Black Belt Magazine – The first 15 Second of a Fight by Dave Young
  3. Taekwondo Times – Fighting To Win in the Street and in Court by Erik Richardson
  4. Police Magazine – How To Evaluate a Training Program
  5. Police Magazine – Take the Plunge by Dave Young
  6. Law Officer – Ground Combat Survival by Dave Young
  7. Officer – Tactics for Ground Fighting by Dave Grossi
  8. Vistelar – Crisis at the Mall to Keep your Family Safe
  9. Who Should be padded up for Protection by Dave Young
  10. Police Magazine – Redefining Fit for Duty by Dave Young

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