2nd EFC Annoucement

Dynamics of Attacks – Plays the audio online: http://www.ei8t.com/m/p/pnr7sg8tf Downloads audio in .MP3 format (playable on most computers): http://ei8t.com/DOpnr7sg8tf (513.1 KB)

1st EFC Annoucement

Child Abduction Strategies – Plays the audio online: http://www.ei8t.com/m/p/bMZNtFH5znw Downloads audio in .MP3 format (playable on most computers): http://ei8t.com/DObMZNtFH5znw (696.9 KB)

2nd Thought to Share

2# An important note to share; Self-defense is the physical action you take to justify action needed in protecting and defending yourself. This is based on a simple equation. Take YOUR perception of threat and the perception of YOUR injury = YOUR level of force selected. So if YOUR perception of threat is high and…Continue Reading »