Remember, as a trainer or instructor of self defense you either contributed to your students success or helped choreograph their death!

Honestly which one do you do? And do you just say you do or really do it?

What if you had to speak at the funeral of a student of yours and talk about the role you played in their death?

The reality is for MANY of you this will NEVER be an issue, but for a select few it is our reality each and every day. I was asked at a major martial arts conference if I would come to a school and help prepare their students for a sparring match they were having in a few weeks.

I had to decline and when the GM asked me why I looked around his room and saw literally hundreds of certificates, trophies and plaques, highlighting an outstanding career in sparring and championships – I smiled and said he had the best teacher for self defense right there and shook his hand.

I quickly added that when they go into the world where the safety and the lives of others are threatened – and their lives depend on their performance – let me know and I will be honored to train them.

I personally know thousands of martial art professionals that own martial art schools who have won tournament after tournament and are world champions and rightfully so. But knowing does not make me a grandmaster or martial arts expert because I know them, does it?

No more then it gives me special football powers when I watch Monday night football wearing the jersey of my favorite team does it? Or does it give me the skill to prepare a student for a tournament… Partner with me and let’s train the world together in self defense and make your students a champion on the mats and winner in the streets!

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