Instructor Resources

Instructor Resources

The following content is to help you as an instructor improve your communication with your students. It should be used to provide content ideas and methods that you can implement or teach to your students to capitalize on your unique status as The Defense Expert in your community:

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Instructor FAQ

Special Thanks to Master Chan Lee and Master Jim Nam who have aided me in further developing the contacts and materials with each school we train. As we continue to grow as with other organizations I am part of I understand there will be questions about procedures and how to implement the material and what other options are there and who teach what and to whom.

So in an effort to head this off at the pass they say. I wanted to provide you with answers to the following basic questions I have been asked.

Q-1. Who can teach a US Fighting Systems (USFS) program?
The only people authorized to use or teach any of the US Fighting Systems copyrighted material, use it’s terminology articulation framework, techniques or tactics are those that have certified by Dave Young Founder and Director of US Fighting Systems

Q-2. What qualifies you as a certified USFS School?
To be a certified USFS School this means you have completed the US Fighting Systems CORE certification program consisting of Gun and Knife Disarming.

Q-3. Who is a certified school allowed to teach the US Fighting certified program material too?

Any certified US Fighting Systems school can conduct demonstrations, train and teach the US Fighting Systems material to any of their contracted students. The only schools who can participate in these programs are the schools who have participated in the initial core certifications consisting of gun and knife disarming.

These are the only schools who are able start taking the additional certification segments that consist of or standing and ground defense and instructor development programs

Q-4. Why is this material so closely guarded?

Because we understand that teaching any type of self-defense programs dealing with the possible outcome of another’s life there bares a great responsibly that comes from this decision along with the criminal and civil ligation that can results in a person having to defense themselves or another. It is with this highest regards to the lives that we protect this program and the techniques and tactics developed by Dave Young.

Q-5. Who can use and purchase the USFS training gear and other training tools used in the delivery of the USFS programs?

Only certified USFS School can purchase the training gear used in the delivery of the USFS programs like the new high impact striking shield, shock knives or training firearms.

Q-6. What is the benefit of being a US Fighting Systems Certified School?

  1. Exclusivity in your local area. We only allow one school owner to be certified in each community.

  2. Access to our credentialed online course at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC), an academic institution accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1976 (this course must be completed in advance of the in-person training with Dave Young).

  3. NWTC frame able certificate that verifies your completion of a college-credentialed course in family safety and self-defense instruction.

  4. Training videos (sent by UPS) on the core certification topics of gun disarming, knife disarming and family defense.

  1. Two days of intensive training with Dave Young on the core certification topics (held several times a year in various US locations).

  2. A local Defense Expert website for your martial arts school, which positions you as THE family safety and self-defense expert in your community independent of your martial arts school ownership (see example at: http://www.AnyCity.TheDefenseExpert.com).

  1. Listing on TheDefenseExpert.com, our national website where people can search for a certified Defense Expert school in their area and read articles on family safety and self-defense that link back to your website.

  2. Opportunity to generate additional revenues by selling Your Family Defense products in your community (YourFamilyDefense.com).

Access to an online resource with advanced training videos and comprehensive information on how to use US Fighting Systems to generate media attention, enroll new students and enhance student retention.

  1. Regular conference calls with Dave Young and other certified school owners where the latest and most effective curriculum and marketing ideas are exchanged.

  2. Authorization to conduct US Fighting Systems Seminars to enhance the professional development of yourself and staff.

Q-7. What other programs are available once I receive my basic USFS CORE Certification?

The 10 sections build within the US Fighting Systems programs are;

  1. Standing – consisting of;

    1. Intervention Options and Verbal Tactics – Levels of Positioning

    2. Falls and Transitions and Movement

    3. Control Tactics

    4. Shoulder Lock

    5. Counter Combative’s Controlling the Distance

    6. Counter Combative’s Grappling Striking

    7. Escapes from Grips and Grabs

    8. Surviving Knife Attacks – Deployment

    9. Surviving Knife Attacks – Defense Disarming (CORE Certification)

    10. Firearm Disarming (CORE Certification)

    11. Close Quarter Firearm Tactics

    12. Choke Defense

    13. Tactics for Multiple Attackers

    14. Baton

    15. Pepper Spray

  2. Ground – consisting of;

    1. Introduction to Ground Defense Against the take down

    2. Blocking – Striking Tactics

    3. Mounted Escapes

    4. Ground Guard Escapes

    5. Rest Positions, and Stalls

    6. Escapes from Grips and Grabs

    7. Choke Defense

    8. Surviving Knife Attacks on Ground

    9. Deadly for Options from the ground

    10. Gun Disarming from Ground

    11. Fight and Survival Strategies

  3. Personal Awareness and Safety

    1. Woman Awareness and Survival Program (WASP)

      1. Rape awareness certification – Defense and Articulation for Court

    2. Surviving as Hostage

  4. Family Safe Defense

    1. Answering the front door

    2. Reading a threat

    3. Identifying a predator

    4. Family plan for missing child

    5. Emergency plan for mall violence

    6. Surviving a Home Invasion

    7. Pepper Spray

    8. Unknown Personal Approaches you and your children

    9. Surviving a Robbery

    10. Surviving a Car Jacking

  5. Bully Management

    1. Combating Teen Bullying

    2. Identifying the type of Bullying

    3. Bully Response Tactics (ages 5-9)

    4. Bully Response Tactics (ages 10-14)

    5. Bully Response Tactics (ages 15-18

  6. Instructor Development

    1. Protective Suit 101

    2. Simulator Instructor

    3. Using Strike Bags

    4. Conducting Stress Inoculation 101

    5. Role playing

    6. Safety Coaches

Q-8. After I become a US Fighting Systems School how do I learn the other programs by USFS?

Answer – Once you have completed the USFS Core Certification you are eligible for the additional programs listed above. Each of the programs has a 3 hour basic seminar followed by an 8 hour instructor certification component to receive the instructor certification. You cannot receive the instructor certification without going through both the basic and instructor programs.

Q-9. How long is my certification valid for?

Answer – Understanding that all skills are perishable and in order to maintain a courtroom defensible programs consistency and recertification is critical. Each certification program you have completed is valid for 2 calendar years.

Q-10. How do I maintain my instructor level certifications?

Answer – This is done 1 of 3 ways. You can either complete the online component when offered; attend the US Fighting Systems Seminar held every year in Milwaukee, WI; or schedule the training with Dave.