Tomorrow will be the start of an outstanding week in self-defense training!

I am flying to Colorado Springs to train the staff, student and families of US Taekwondo Centers with Master Jay Lee, Master Sammy Pejo, Master Jw Kang and Master Sonny Kang.

A lot of great programs are being launched in 2015 for US Taekwondo Centers throughout Colorado Springs. Fight Fitness the ONLY FITNESS program to prepare you emotionally, mentally and physically to win a real fight and get you in the type of shape you need while exceeding the expectations of what you want!

Woman’s Awareness and Survival Program is the only program in the country developed to keep women safe before, during and after the attack and how to work within your own physical limitations. It’s designed by professionals that protect others for a living to teach women field proven strategies to keep safe.

Bullies, Books and Backpacks, a specially designed program to help all parents and their children understand the importance of selecting the correct backpack for their children to reduce life long injuries like spinal loading and the dangers of not knowing how to pack their books and other sharp objects in their packs and how to quickly and safely remove their backpack when engaged in a bully attack or group of kids and so much more!

There are MANY SELF-DEFENSE PROGRAMS OUT THERE based on a martial art, sport, gimmick or a great idea that teach you techniques – DO NOT CONFUSE US WITH ONE OF THOSE.

Remember, just because you cook a hamburger on a grill and throw steak sauce on it- that didn’t make it is steak! Training for real world attacks is not a hobby or sport. For us it is our way of life.

Our profession is what we do and who we are and every year we certify thousands of police, corrections and military around the world in winning real world attacks.

Come join us this week and have fun, train hard and win in the street, in the courtroom and in your life!

See you all soon!