When any student gets hurt in your class, the responsibility ultimately falls on you the instructor. No excuses.

Of course there are many “sorries” but in the end, it the INSTRUCTOR’S fault. It’s a hard fact but the truth hurts.

Several years ago, a student of mine from an Ohio Police agency was attending his martial arts class when at the end of the training block the instructor gave them some “free time.” This was translated into “Be careful and practice what we just did.”

Sadly during this training he suffered a broken neck, leaving his paralyzed from the waist down. A year later he committed suicide on the therapy bar.

His family took the school owner to court and won but in the end a life was lost due to negligence and lack of showing due care to their students.

Please feel free to share these safety protocols and if you have any questions ask me. I will be glad to help!

Here is 1 out of 11

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