Real-World Tactics

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Paul Hein, who teaches martial arts, attended Dave Young’s seminar at J.K. Lee Black Belt Academy in Fox Point, Wis. and looks forward to teaching these techniques to his students.

Direct, Simple Techniques

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Simple and direct techniques and reality-based training appealed to Paul Callahan, who participated in Dave Young’s seminar at J.K. Lee Black Belt Academy in Fox Point, Wis.

Master Chan Lee: Techniques Are “Dead Simple” to Remember

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Chan Lee of J.K. Lee Tae Kwon Do in Milwaukee, Wis., plans to add Dave Young’s disarming techniques to his school’s curriculum, based on their effectiveness and simplicity of use.


Techniques Anybody Can Learn

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Dave Young’s course defines and teaches you the meaning of self defense like no other course, says Twan Lee of Victorville, CA.

Master Jim Nam: Superior to Any Other Program I’ve Invested In

Master Jim Nam of Victorville Tae Kwon Do Academy — the first to become certified by US Fighting Systems to teach Gun and Knife Disarming, said this was superior to any of the other programs he has invested money in.

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He encourages other school owners to contact him at vvtkd@verizon.net.

Twan Lee: Gun Disarming a Pivitol Program

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Instructor Twan Lee of the Tae Kwon Do Academy in Victorville, CA, just completed the Core Certification course from US Fighting Systems.

Joshua Reed: Recommend Gun Disarming to Anyone

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Joshua Reed just completed the Core Certification from US Fighting Systems at the Tae Kwon Do Academy in Victorville, CA.

Victorville Home to First Core Certified School

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Master Jim Nam’s Victorville, Calif. martial arts school is the first official U.S. Fighting Systems Core Certified School. Hear what they have to say about U.S. Fighting Systems.

Changed the Way I Look at Self Defense

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This student says his U.S. Fighting Systems Experience changed the way he looks at self defense.

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