Host A US Fighting Systems Program

The first question answer before asking about hosting a class is you first need to answer are you willing to make the same commitment to dedication to providing the best up to date resource in personal safety and self defense.  If the answer if YES – then proceed.  If the answer is not please do not waste your time nor mine. You cannot simply watch a video then get 30 plus years or training and experience transferred to you within a few short hours.  Even though there are MANY offering this type of training US Fighting Systems is not one of them.

There are two ways to host a US Fighting Systems seminar or training program:

  • Contract with us for a closed enrollment program
  • Host an open enrollment program open to others in your area

For a contract course, you pay a set fee for a specific number of students and provide a large enough training room and the logistics for the program being offered. You print course manuals  from a PDF file sent in advance.  You and your designated staff review and complete the videos prior to Dave arriving.  then complete the intense hands on training for your instructor certifications.

For a host course, you provide the training room and necessary logistics — and help us actively market the program in your area via fax, email, flyers, or other resources. In return, you receive two free slots for the course being conducted. A minimum of 20 paying students are needed for these classes to be conducted.

To learn more about hosting a class, please Contact Us.

Class Information

USFS has three certification levels: Basic, Advanced, and Instructor.

Basic Level programs are generally four hours in length with certifications valid for 1 year. Depending on the program, these courses are available in classroom, online, and DVD formats.

Advanced Level programs are generally ten hours in length with certifications valid for 2 years. These programs must be taken in person and are a prerequisite for taking an Instructor Level program in the same topic area.

Instructor Level programs are generally ten hours in length with certifications valid for 3 years. A written and practical examination is required for instructor certification.

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