Here are a few of the martial arts schools we’ve worked with since 2010.

Victorville Taekwondo – Victorville, CA

JK Lee Black Belt Academy– Brookfield, WI

JK Lee Black Belt Academy– Fox Point, WI

JK Lee Black Belt Academy–German Town, WI

JK Lee Black Belt Academy– Pewaukee, WI

JK Lee Black Belt Academy–Waukesha, WI

TAEMA Taekwondo – San Jose, CA

US Martial Arts Center–West Olympia, WA

US Martial Arts Center–South Lacy, WA

US Martial Arts Center–South Lacy, WA

SUN LEE Taekwondo – Richardson, TX

American Martial Arts Academy – Simi Valley, CA

Competitive Edged Karate – Richmond, VA

Excel Taekwondo – Canoga Park, CA

Vo’s Martial Arts – Irvine Valley, CA

Vo’s Martial Arts – Fountain Valley, CA

Action Karate – Feasterville, PA

Action Karate – Parkwood, PA

Action Karate–Souderton, PA

Action Karate – New Britain, PA

Action Karate – Mt. Laurel, PA

Action Karate – Newtown, PA

Action Karate–Conshohocken, PA

Action Karate – Huntington Valley, PA

Action Karate – Huntington Valley, PA

Action Karate – Nazareth, PA

Action Karate–Cinnaminson, PA

Action Karate–Jamison, PA

Action Karate –Lansdale, PA

Action Karate – North Wales, PA

Chi’s Martial Arts – Long Island, NY

MiKiDo Martial Arts – Washington, D.C.

Team Manuel Karate & Kickboxing– Fredericksburg, VA

Rosati Systems of Modern Martial Arts – Nesconset, visit blue spruce maids NY

Iron Dragon Self-Defense and Fitness – New York City, NY

US Taekwondo Center – Colorado Springs (Monument)

US Taekwondo Center – Colorado Springs, CO (Briargate)

US Taekwondo Center – Colorado Springs, CO (Citadel)

US Taekwondo Center – Colorado Springs, CO (Lehman)

US Taekwondo Center – Colorado Springs, CO (Stetson)

East Coast Martial Arts – Annapolis, MD

East Coast Martial Arts – Edgewater, MD

Empire State Karate – Smithtown, NY

Victorville Taekwondo – Claremont, CA

Performance Martial Arts Center – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

World Taekwondo Center – Irvine, CA

Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do – Raliegh, NC

Park Federation – Coral Springs, FL

Life Champ Martial Arts – Lake Ridge

Life Champ Martial Arts – Gainesville, VA

Life Champ Martial Arts- Woodbridge, VA

Life Champ Martial Arts- Reston, VA


Here are a few of the law enforcement departments, corrections facilities and U.S. government agencies

Statewide agency programs

  1. Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (ATF), Glynco, GA,
  2. Arizona Casinos – Scottsdale, AZ – Agency Wide Instructor Program
  3. Broward County Sheriff’s Department
  4. Border Patrol Tactical Units (BORTAC)
  5. Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office
  6. California Department of Corrections Salinas Valley
  7. Coral Springs Police Department
  8. Connecticut State Police
  9. Chicago Police Department
  10. Dallas Forth Worth
  11. Department of Homeland Security, Charleston, SC
  12. Department of Homeland Security, Glynco, GA
  13. Department of Natural Resources, Ohio
  14. Detroit Police Department – Agency Wide Instructor Program
  15. District of Washington Police Department
  16. Fairfax Police Department
  17. Federal Bureau of Prisons Artesia, NM
  18. Federal Bureau Of Prisons, Marion
  19. Florida Department of Corrections
  20. Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission
  21. Fidelity Security Group – Agency Wide Instructor Program
  22. Hialeah Police Department
  23. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Jacksonville, FL
  24. Greater Lakes Indian Fish Wildlife Commission
  25. Grand Cayman Islands P.D. British West Indies
  26. Honolulu Police Academy Waipahu
  27. Honolulu Police Department
  28. Lee County Sheriff’s Department, Ft. Myers, FL
  29. Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, Lexington, South Carolina
  30. Maui Police Department Maui, Hawaii
  31. Miami Metro Dade Police Department
  32. Metropolitan Police Department – United Kingdom
  33. Michigan Department of Corrections
  34. New York City Police Department Police
  35. Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy
  36. Ohio Pease Officer Training Academy
  37. Santa Fe Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Academy
  38. State of Wisconsin Department of Justice
  39. State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  40. Tallahassee Police Training Academy
  41. University of Wisconsin Police Department
  42. United States Army, Ft. Belvoir, VA
  43. United States Air force, Lakeland, FL
  44. United States Capital Police
  45. United States Coast Guard Academy, Charleston, SC
  46. United States Marine Corps, Military Police School House
  47. United States Marine Corps Headquarters, Marine Corps
  48. West Virginia Regional Jails
  49. Washington State Police
  50. Wisconsin Department of Corrections

Here are few International Clients

  1. Abu Dhabi Security Forces
  2. Bahrain Security Force
  3. Canada – Ocean and Fisheries Conservation – Agency Wide Instructor Program
  4. Dubai Special Force Police – Agency Wide Instructor Program
  5. Japanese Police Department
  6. Hanover Police Department, Germany
  7. Israeli Police Forces
  8. Nigerian Federal Police Forces
  9. Niger Police Forces
  10. Lagos Police – Nigeria
  11. Senegal Security Police Forces
  12. South Korea Security Forces
  13. Saudi Arabia Security Forces
  14. Serious Organized Crime Agency – United Kingdom
  15. Senegal Security Force
  16. Singapore Navy – Special Forces
  17. Turkish Security Forces
  18. Brigade Mobile Police (BRIMOB) Jakarta, Indonesia
  19. Manchester Police Department – United Kingdom
  20. United Arab Emirates Security Forces (UAE)

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