Become A Certified US Fighting Systems Martial Arts School

If you own a martial arts school, you have the opportunity to become certified to teach US Fighting Systems programs — in order to expand your curriculum with a real-world personal safety and self-defense component that’s based on the training received by US public safety professionals.

Although the primary business of US Fighting Systems is to provide live training at host martial arts schools, online multimedia training, and physical training products (DVDs, manuals), on a very selective basis we certify martial arts schools to teach our programs as an addition to their current curriculum.

In order to become certified to teach a specific US Fighting Systems course, you must first complete the basic-level instruction for that course. This first step is generally done by participating in a 4-hour live class at a host martial arts school. However, with some courses, you can complete the basic level via an online or DVD-based program.

Once you have completed the basic-level instruction for a course, you must complete the advanced-level and instructor-level instruction for the course. Each of these levels requires 10 hours of live training — which can be taken together or separately. This training is available a few times per year at a central location.

There is an up-front cost for the training to become certified and then, once that training has been completed, there is a monthly licensing fee to maintain your certification — which includes a US Fighting Systems website for your martial arts school, ongoing training and exclusivity within your community.

To learn more about becoming a certified US Fighting System martial arts school, please Contact Us.

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