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US Fighting Systems (USFS) provides training and certification for Martial Arts Schools Owners and their Staff around the country in how to understand the importance of “Intervention Options,” which allow every martial arts school to explain the self-defense program they teach by articulating their intent and justify actions to feel safe, be safe and, if attacked, defend themselves and WIN — both the physical fight and any courtroom battle that may follow.

USFS takes the personal safety and self-defense systems developed, refined, and proven to work over the last 30 years by police, corrections and military professionals and makes them available to educate the general public and certify the martial arts school and staff.

The company was founded in 2010 by Dave Young, an internationally recognized defense tactics trainer — to police, corrections and the military — who grew tired of what was being taught to the general public under the banner of personal safety and self defense. Dave knew, from over 30 years of real-world experience on the streets, that most of this type of training is impractical, misguided and — in many cases — downright dangerous.

In contrast, the personal safety and self-defense systems taught by USFS have the following nine attributes:

  1. Have staying alive as the #1 priority.
  2. Work despite the physical limitations of the individual applying them.
  3. Compensate for the physical capabilities of the assailant.
  4. Consider all situations and environments where an attack may occur.
  5. Are quick to learn and easy to remember (just 3 steps for each technique)
  6. Are courtroom defensible.
  7. Are medically and tactically sound.
  8. Are executed the same way whether standing or on the ground.
  9. Tactical responses has deployed the environments, settings and situations.
  10. Have been proven to work in real life-or-death situations

The personal safety and self-defense training of USFS are delivered via multiple methods — including live training at host martial arts schools, online multimedia programs and physical products (DVDs, manuals).

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