Do you know who is teaching your children?
As many of you are aware, I work with many state and federal government agencies involving force on force situations. When an incident occurs regarding the use of force by law enforcement my email and Facebook messages explode with questions, comments and not so kind remarks. It is no difference when something happens in the martial arts community. When there is an incident, I receive questions, comments and no so kind remarks. The latest questions I have been fielding are about why these martial artists have no required to be certified, or need to go through any screening before being able to work with children. Do you know who is teaching your child? This is a typical scenario that is becoming more and more common around the country. No regulations, no accreditation, no certifications. Just martial artists that owns a school. Most of whom have big hearts, great intentions, and no assistance in hiring, screening or validating their staff. Without the above in place you get this... Read below..... ea-on-child-rape-charges-304657641.html?mobile=y So I ask you, who is training your children?