Tips for a staying aware.

  • OBSERVE your own area and neighborhood;
  • PREVENT the incident from happening to you

In any confrontation – there are many different obstacles and issues to think of –

  1. The most important is you ingredient for your safety is YOU. Have confidence; be alert, aware of your surroundings, conducting your risk assessment of the area and a threat assessment of your attacker.
  1. Threat– watch their stance, hand positioning, facial expressions, listen to the words they are speaking both verbally and non-verbally, any weapons they either have in their hands or access to.
  1. Environment – Surfaces that are flat, unbalanced, gravel, slippery, soft, uneven, hard, tile, concrete, etc…tables, chairs, people, stairs, weather, temperature
  1. Clothing – does this fit to tight, is it loose, baggy, does your clothing restrict your movement or help it, does it reduce or increase your flexibility, footwear – like the type of shoes dress, sport, sandals, jewelry your wearing necklaces, rings, watches etc…
  1. Location – Parking lot, mall, grocery store, movie theater, bar, club, play, park, home, school, workplace, church – remember many times where you are will have a lot to do with how mentally prepared and alert you are take being in church as compared to being in a social setting – both places have people however you will be more alert in a social setting then in church.

In all of our training we help break down each of these into the level of detail, understanding and focus you need. So as my close friend and mentor Gary T. Klugiewicz from Verbal Defense and Influence says Remain Alert – Be Decisive and when time to act makes sure you are responding with a preplanned practiced response! Enjoy your weekend.

Dave Young
US Fighting Systems, Founder and Director